Nature’s geometry

We are now seeing that the geometry inherent in nature has already calculated the most efficient ways to dynamically adjust reality. While science and art has mimicked nature for eons, companies like Festo are using their high tech research laboratories to discover and utilize what nature has always known. I think this means we can […]

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Airship News from Flightglobal

This Flightglobal article¬†discusses the current status of developing airship technology. It’s really quite interesting that they seem to blame the Hindenburg catastrophe for the death of passenger airships. The meme the media created about it penetrated the global consciousness, but concurrent with this was the mounting WW2 as well as the oncoming dominance of passenger […]

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AIRSHIP SKYTEMPLE – a fully media enabled transnational earth tool DREAM LARGE: An educational and celebrational fully media enabled Earth Tool able to inspire at a glance and deliver positive messages to hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously. A transnational low altitude luxury cruise ship and flying media platform that creates a euphoric spectacle wherever […]