Overdue Temple of Integrity Update(s)

I just wanted to update on the Temple Project. After the initial design build up at the Bamboo DNA ranch, we dissembled the temple and transported it to the festival grounds @ Live Oak Campgrounds near Lake Cachuma where the Lucidity festival was setting up. We spent 3 stormy days building the Temple in starts and stops met with massive rains and high winds. It was truly intense. Unfortunately due to the high winds and unavailability of a high lift we were not able to put the 4 top courses of sails on. Nonetheless the temple stood proud throughout the festival in its own park like temple grounds surrounded by 10 glowing LED light pods and an Aerial rig in the center.

On the last sunday night of the festival we had an amazing event there. Beginning with OSO a charming gypsy like duet of guitar and violin followed by an Aria by Opera star and lovely neighbor Rebecca Comerford. Then there was an amazing Temple Dance Ceremony choregraphed by the amazing Alicia LeVan which opened for a mega set by the googlasonic band from SLO – Tropo, followed by an eclectic whomp meets 80’s kitch mashup set by yours truly.

It was the culmination part of a months long journey of creative endeavor and mad the effort all so worth while. The next day the Temple was dissembled and graciously towed away by a friend on his trailer to be stored at Das Funk Chalet where it awaits another occassion.

I just thought you’d like to know.

Here you can see the temple built on the festival grounds with her 300 watt light beaming out and added projection screens below in preparation for Sunday’s performances.

UPDATE: In May 2013 I planned to bring it back to Lucidity, but due to county permit restrictions instead elected to erect it on my hilltop in Ojai. There she stands for a year and a half now, sails tattered and needing replacing… and as beautiful as ever.

jw 10/2014


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