Raising the Temple

Raising the legs is the single most challenging moment of building this temple.

The 5 main structural legs are made from 5-6 inch diameter Guadua Bamboo and are about 32 feet tall! This is the largest species of bamboo in the world and also the strongest. They can build skyscrapers with it! Did you know bamboo is actually a grass?

The 5 legs are connected together by eyebolts that go through the top ends of the bamboo. The top two cells of the bamboo have been filled with an expanding epoxy foam to give them rigid strength from the inside. Then they are wrapped with fibreglass cloth and linseed resin which hardens in the UV of sunlight. It gets strong and hard just like synthetic resins do. This combines to reinforce around the 1/2″ eyebolt. The eyebolts are then bolted to a central steel circular hub, much like the design that holds your umbrella together at the top.

It takes 12 Strong men and a lot of coordination to get the 5 31 foot legs up into the air and stable. The Temple was designed to be constructed with simple hand tools and no heavy machinery.  I wanted to be able to take this places and rely only on human power so it can be set up almost anywhere!

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