The Temple of Integrity

I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been in another mode. A doing mode. I’ve been a busy monkey – designing and building a temple.

It all started about a month ago – just as I was saying yes to another huge project in my life that I will discuss later. I discovered that some friends of friends are organizing a festival – , and that this would be held in one of my favorite locations – the Live Oak Campground near Lake Cachuma in the mountains behind Santa Barbara, and quite close to where my father lives. Home turf. I have been to other festivals here a few times, and have always liked the environment for this. In fact I have been contemplating launching my own festival. I don’t really know why… but it seems to be in line with what I do. I get driven to create experiential environments for groups of people. I throw a lot of parties, and these have evolved into weekend long purposeful gatherings that more and more take the focus off of ‘party’ and put it onto personal and group evolution. It’s an interesting journey to watch myself take.

I decided I wanted to get involved with Lucidity and after a few emails with the organizers is became clear I was going to build a Temple. During our first few exploratory emails I ended up writing this email to the organizers – here are some excerpts:


The burning question for me is….
Where is the Temple?
The temple is actually the thing that enables the community to activate itself and do the higher work for us all. 
It is the heart home for many and provides the polar counterpoint to the other extreme (wild release through music and dancing expression etc)
This journey between poles is one of the most potent aspects of what we as a culture are expressing.
If Lucidity is the modus operandi then it should be a high and sacred consideration.
I hope you agree.
I don’t think this is intended to only be a 20something drug fueled dubstep party… am I right? 
Not that I can’t enjoy a few hours of that, but I sense we are all on a higher mission here, hence the healing, the sanctuary and the temple are all imperative components of the journey of release and re-creation.

I would be interested in developing The Temple specifically and with some help operating the series of events there. 
This could be the right spot for things like Kechak / Datrium etc along with TED style talks from real experts about engaging subjects, sacred style music events, yoga classes etc.
highly considered regards & in service,
So somehow in the middle of one of the biggest and bravest moves of my life I took on this new task.
It’s monumental – but I don’t say that with any pride. It has simply called me to do it. There is no hesitation or question, only service to this thing that’s a lot bigger than myself. It feels better than most things I have ever done.
So began the process – an idea, some sketches, a model, and for the last 6 days actually building part of it, and watching us humans make the 3d world do something out of sheer will.
It feels familiar. My body and mind elevate into a kind of  focus that’s very different from day to day normal being. Like waking up in a dream and realizing the dream is the reality not what I thought was reality. It’s marvelous.
I’m going to try and post some of this temple building process. It may be somewhat out of order but at least it will document a fraction of the experience.
I have also organized a fund raiser to fuel this volunteered effort with much needed financing for all the various costs. If you like this idea, activity and intention you can get involved by simply moving some numbers around using a few simple clicks!
Here is the link:

3 thoughts on “The Temple of Integrity

  1. Good stuff, Johann. We won’t be making it to Lucidity… I work on the weekends so we can only afford to take a select few weekends off per year, but it sounds like it will be special and I look forward to seeing the pictures of your temple!

    1. Jeremy… thanks so much. Good to hear from you. It’s ironic that people like us don’t get to play together much due to our investment in the ‘doing’. But at least we can read and blog from afar. Blessings to you and Kim!

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