AIRSHIP SKYTEMPLE – a fully media enabled transnational earth tool



An educational and celebrational fully media enabled Earth Tool able to inspire at a glance and deliver positive messages to hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously. A transnational low altitude luxury cruise ship and flying media platform that creates a euphoric spectacle wherever it goes, gathering crowds who look up toward the possibility of a future without conflict, borders and where humanity is realized as a unified family who’s birthrights of access, health and happiness are encouraged and defended.

Look into the sky! A large futuristic rigid airship floating into the field instantly symbolizes achievement, romanticism, possibility, adventure, imagination and a future that has been long promised is beginning to be delivered.

As it descends, people from the surroundings flock to greet it near the sacred site or in the field yonder. Momentarily forgetting their tasks, they collect as if hypnotized to gather beneath the large mother ship that embodies the slow moving qualities of a peaceful whale. Silent tow drones are deployed, flying off with gossamer tension wires, steadily positioning the floating showboat.

The fuselage is alive with video imagery created especially for this unique medium. It displays messages, animation and films all sequenced to the perfect compositions of music that broadcast from it’s substantial sound system, reminiscent of an alien spacecraft communicating with a new species.

As the sun sets and thousands of people continue to arrive the projection systems erupt in all directions creating complex designs, patterns and messages on the ground and nearby buildings. One program documents the history and evolution of sacred temples and projects them holographically in light for the audience to experience in true to life scale. People enter the light temples from around the globe as they morph into one another, spanning the diversity of religion and unifying the commonality of the sacred. Choreographed and spontaneous interactive ceremony occurs.

A stage platform lowers to the ground as crew descends and tether the airship for stability and safety. They also deploy additional technology for the evenings event. Additional wireless speakers, set pieces, props and performers now integrate with the audience. With the theatre now defined the audience sits and lays back on the ground preparing for the real show to begin. An evening people of all generations will never forget.The day the Airship Skytemple came to town and reminded us what we are truly capable of.


To inspire the future to the world trans-economically and trans-nationally.

To create an earth tool capable of mounting a variety of humanitarian missions while also providing an effective and world renown portable messaging platform that can produce high caliber media shows virtually anywhere with efficiency.


A State of the art luxury airship showcasing the most advanced technologies featuring an integrated media performance experience capable of spectacular mass messaging.


A crucial part of the Earth Tool function there will be a carefully drafted manifesto of guidance that ensures the structured use of the Skytemple for the highest good of earth and all humanity.


Luxurious yacht style staterooms for XX guests and XX crew.

Councel Chamber for invited dignitaries and world thought leaders.

Forward viewing deck and main atrium with bar galley and elegant food service.

Aft viewing deck elixer bar and atrium.

Galley, Sick Bay, Admin, Technical, Media Labs, Cargo hold.

Control pod.


Media Hull formed from smart bot swarm SOLAR LED epoxy in mid air. 3D airprinter.

Omnibot jet drones, silent smart engines that disconnect from hull and can tow from a distance at any angle.

Retractable ceiling outdoor roof garden.

4D Acoustic Holographic sound system

Holographic Projector Array

Laser Projector Array

Effects Lighting Array

Work Lighting Array

Water collector / Water splitter



Tesla / Space X


Obscura Digital

The Airship Skytemple is the intellectual property of Johann Wolf

Copyright September 16, 2014 all rights reserved

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