A Whopping $6 Trillion Worth Of “Fake” US Treasury Bonds Has Been Seized In Switzerland

Watch the silent video of the bonds, notes and boxes on Reuters here first: http://www.reuters.com/resources_v2/flash/video_embed.swf?videoId=230354079&edition=BETAUS This really made me laugh! So… let’s get this straight… the “powers that be”¬†would like you to believe that renegades out there who are also trying “to buy plutonium from Nigerian sources” are involved in counterfeiting small volumes of large […]

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I have been trying to remember. This morning all I could carry from the dream world was stretchy. I mean that as I woke I tried to hold on but the only thing that came with me was a feeling and this feeling was one of flexible stretchy membranes in organic shapes. It’s become visual […]

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Over One Billion Dollars

My last dream of the night; the one I dreamed as I was waking up made me feel exceptionally good this morning. I dreamed that I was looking at my stock trading account which I have not checked in months, and of the 10 or 15 stocks I have, I noticed that that the one […]

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Cleansing & Vision

I am fortunate to enjoy good health. Besides a few almost negligible annoyances, my body is serving me tremendously well. Perhaps I am blessed with ‘good genes’ or I’m just lucky, but I have generally bounced between moderately healthy habits and some real abuse. For example drinking strong coffee in the morning on an empty […]

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We are the ones we have been waiting for – Hopi prophecy

Welcome to the first day of 2012.

I awoke this new year morning with a new sense of purpose and determination to take action. Shine the light brighter. Make a difference. And see who will come on this journey with me.

In the past I never could understand what “blogs” were or why people would want to journal publicly and why the public would want to witness it. But I’m beginning to get it. Hopefully I can develop a sense of self and community as it relates to our collective waking dream. Namely to live in a perfect world. Exactly what that means to us is what I plan to explore.

I like the fringe. I love to examine consciousness. I’m a psychoceramic researcher. And I feel that the simple and direct truth, is relative and complexly woven into even the tallest of tales.

Ultimately we decide what to believe and collect and adorn our mental topography with. Hopefully it becomes a living and outrageously provocative work of imaginary art.

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