Raising the Temple

Raising the legs is the single most challenging moment of building this temple. The 5 main structural legs are made from 5-6 inch diameter Guadua Bamboo and are about 32 feet tall! This is the largest species of bamboo in the world and also the strongest. They can build skyscrapers with it! Did you know […]

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The Temple of Integrity

I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been in another mode. A doing mode. I’ve been a busy monkey – designing and building a temple. It all started about a month ago – just as I was saying yes to another huge project in my life that I will discuss later. I discovered that some friends […]

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Holding Hands in Heaven

Lots of dream action last night…though I can’t remember much. It’s so interesting to write dreams down. A tiny shard of memory tends to unpack itself into so much more as I write it down. Like a compressed computer file getting unstuffed into so many various elements. I think this is important. I think these […]

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Utopian Art Car

I envision a day in the near future, where everything we make and use is art. If creativity is to be the new currency, then it follows that every detail of our lives will be populated with the artistic creations of our favorite artists and designers. Our clothing, our homes, our kitchenware… need not be […]

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