A Whopping $6 Trillion Worth Of “Fake” US Treasury Bonds Has Been Seized In Switzerland

Watch the silent video of the bonds, notes and boxes on Reuters here first:


This really made me laugh! So… let’s get this straight… the “powers that be” would like you to believe that renegades out there who are also trying “to buy plutonium from Nigerian sources” are involved in counterfeiting small volumes of large denomination historical bonds and notes (and the elaborate antique boxes they come in). Why?  because they think what?… that they can actually cash these things? So assuming one was able to forge a perfect BILLION DOLLAR single bond or note… exactly how would one go about cashing this?

It’s really strange to call them forgeries. Forgers always make large volumes of small denominations to avoid arousing interest. Only the Federal Reserve and banks that deal with countries use financial instruments like this.

The Dis-infomation overlay by the mainstream media these days is so very thin. If one reads this backwater news article, which should be headline news from the mainstream view point, it’s dismissed this as erroneous criminal activity.

And always remember… it’s all just a video game anyway.


Read articles here:




… and on Bloomberg’s.

But what is nice is to read the comments… so many people are seeing through this and aware of what’s going on now.


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